Product-oil tank cleaning service

The independently developed VTC-500R oil tank cleaning system is used to achieve safe, environmentally, efficient and energy-saving cleaning of product oil tanks, and finally meet the requirements of hot work in the tank. It can undertake one-stop engineering services such as tank cleaning of 30000 cubic meters.


Small oil tank cleaning service

With self-developed intelligentVTC-200R tank "King of 3D tank cleaning" and efficient low-pressure circulating water jet technology, Vanpek has been engaged in one-stop engineering service for mechanical cleaning of oil storage tanks for many years.


Crude oil tank cleaning service

Vanpek has the storage tank cleaning qualification certificate and the general contracting qualification of petrochemical engineering construction. Independently developed VTC-3000R oil tank cleaning system, under the premise of ensuring the safety of cleaning operations, not only the construction period is short, but also achieve high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and other characteristics. It can undertake mechanical cleaning services of various crude oil storage tanks below 150,000 cubic meters.


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