Yanshan crude oil tank cleaning service

By using the self-developed VTC-3000R crude oil tank cleaning system and other products assessed as brand products by China Industrial Cleaning Association, Vanpek has completed the mechanical cleaning service project of crude oil tank and gap-pit 9903# and 9905# in Niukouyu Tank Area, Storage and Transportation Department of Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Branch.


Sinopec Yunnan UST tank cleaning service

In March 2019, Vanpek won the bid for the horizontal tank cleaning project of gas station in Yunnan Branch of Sinopec.


Zhejiang Petrochemical Oil Tank Cleaning Service

In mid-September 2020, Vanpek adopted VTC-500R product-oil storage tank cleaning system to carry out mechanical cleaning and remove inner floating top seal ring for the 30,000m³ inner floating top gasoline tanks T-0911 and T-0912 of Zhejiang Petrochemical located in Zhoushan. The service is completed according to the predetermined content of the contract.


Dalian Hengli product-oil tank cleaning service

Vanpek Enterprises Beijing Inc. adopts the self-developed, ICAC brand product VTC-500R product-oil storage tank cleaning system for the project of mechanical cleaning of four 30000m³ internal floating top gasoline tanks TK30305, TK30306, TK30307 and TK30308 of Dalian Hengli Petrochemical in Changxing Island, the service project was completed in mid-May 2022.


Beifang Group gas station tank cleaning service

On September 9, 2020, Vanpek completed the mechanical cleaning of the UST oil tank of the gas station of Beijing Urban Drainage Group and reached the acceptance standard.

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