Tote / IBC tank cleaning solution

Vanpek offers you VTC-75 tote cleaning station, which equips you with the full range of equipment for a Tote/IBC tank cleaning station. Simplified design and cost, combined with the most durable and efficient technology, make it the ideal Tote/IBC tank cleaning system for any industrial or sanitary application.


ISO tank cleaning solution

Vanpek has cooperated with Gamajet since the end of 2009 and has more than 13 years of industrial application experience, can choose the right tank cleaner model for transport tank cleaning applications, and reasonably match related equipment to meet the impact demand of the tank cleaner operating conditions, so as to achieve efficient cleaning results.


Railway tank cleaning solution

A set of fully automatic cleaning system solutions designed by Vanpek for railway tankers. After the system is cleaned, the tank wall can be dried by drying system. The cleaning operation is simple, safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection.


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