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Crude Oil Storage Tank Cleaning System

The VTC-3000R crude oil storage tank cleaning system meets the continuously mechanical cleaning requirements for floating roof tanks, dome roof tanks, heavy oil tanks and other crude oil tanks with a capacity of 150,000 cubic meters or less.


Oil Tank Cleaning Systems

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VTC-3000R Crude Oil Storage Tank Cleaning System(COSTCS)

The VTC-3000R COSTCS meets the mechanical cleaning requirements for 10,000-150,000m3 floating roof tanks, dome roof tanks, heavy oil tanks and other large tanks with different tank capacities and structures. The equipment can operate continuously for 24 hours to effectively clean and strike the top, side walls, bottom, dead corners and other residues in the tank. After cleaning, the tank capacity can be 100% restored, and the tank can meet the hot work conditions.

The VTC-3000R COSTCS equipment developed by Vanpek company after years of practical verification includes skid mounted integrated functional modules with independent intellectual property rights, including Recovery & Transfer Skid (3000R-A-1/3000R-A-2), Cleaning System Skid (3000R-B-1/3000R-B-2), Oil/Water Separator (3000R-C) and VTC-J-7X series Tank Cleaning Machines, so that the cleaning system can meet the requirements of continuous cleaning of crude oil tanks.

Recovery & Transfer Skid

Cleaning System Skid

Oil/Water Separator

Tank Cleaning machine

After long-term use, the oil tank will accumulate a large amount of sludge and impurities sediment, which will not only affect the quality of oil, but also cause corrosion to the oil tank, thus affecting the normal storage and safe use of the oil tank. Therefore, the oil tank must be cleaned regularly. The water and impurities accumulated in the oil tank can be removed by cleaning the oil tank, so as to ensure the quality of oil products, reduce their corrosion to the oil tank, and prepare for the maintenance of the oil tank

The VTC-3000R COSTCS is based on the COWS (Crude Oil Washer System) crude oil tank cleaning technology. The main cleaning processes include: equipment installation, residual oil transfer, cleaning with the same oil, warm water cleaning, slag removal and other steps. The crude oil tank is fully closed, mechanized, and automatically circulated for physical cleaning, completely solving many problems in traditional cleaning, and meeting the market demand for mechanized cleaning technology of oil tanks, With“ Safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and efficiency” And many other advantages.

The Specifications and description for the equipment of VTC-3000R COSTCS are listed in the table as follows:

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