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VTC-J-7X Series Tank Cleaning Machine

VTC-J-7X series mechanical cleaning machine, specially designed for large crude oil storage tank mechanical cleaning. It is a safe and labor-saving mechanical cleaning device for crude oil storage tank in a short time.


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VTC-J-7X series tank cleaning machine, specially designed for mechanical cleaning system of large crude oil storage tanks, is a device that can safely and labor-saving mechanical cleaning of crude oil storage tanks in a short time.

VTC-J-7X series mechanical cleaning machine consists of pneumatic control mechanism, main body and nozzle. An air motor and a reduction gearbox are provided in the pneumatic control mechanism. The air motor passes through the main body through the drive shaft and connects the nozzles using a gear set. Once the air motor starts, the reduction gear controls the speed of the transmission shaft, and the nozzle gear set is driven by the transmission shaft linkage nozzle gear set to drive the nozzle to run horizontally and vertically, and at the same time as the nozzle runs, the cleaning medium is sprayed outward by the main body from the nozzle to carry out all-round cleaning of the bottom plate, wall plate and roof plate inside the cleaned.

The design features of this series of cleaning machines: 

  • Using compressed air as the power drive, safe and reliable, cleaning angle horizontal 360 ° vertical 140 ° all-round no dead angle. 
  • There is no bearing between the drive source and the reducer, and the stability performance is good. 
  • No energy loss of cleaning liquid, high cleaning pressure. 
  • Freely adjustable nozzle action, independent of cleaning pressure. 
  • Can be used in explosive atmospheres. 
  • Four cleaning methods are available, which can be effectively cleaned according to the actual situation. 
  • The cleaning speed can be freely adjusted. 
  • The trajectory of the cleaning gun nozzle is spiral, the cleaning trajectory interval is narrow, and the cleaning effect is good. 
  • The operation of the nozzle can be known by means of the indicator panel

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