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TS-LS500 pipeline leak sensor

The statistics of the TS-LS500 Pipeline leak detection sensor learn the characteristics of each pipeline, avoiding possible configuration errors and ensuring unparalleled accuracy. This is an optional feature of the TS5 family of fuel management systems and is also available as a separate ELLD system. It includes an industry-first statistical pipeline leak detection feature for high-throughput sites.


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  • Automatically learn the precise characteristics of the pipeline.
  • No piping and length programming is required.
  • Can be used to monitor any pipe such as flexible, steel and/or fiberglass.
  • In combination with a submersible pump, it produces a pressure of 25 psi or more.
  • Automate 3.0 gph, 0.2 gph, and 0.1 gph pipe tests, as well as other pipe pressure tests.
  • Equipped with the industry's only statistical electronic pipeline leak detection function.
  • Actively shut down the submersible pump in the event of a leak.
  • Optional features of the TS5 Series fuel management system.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone ELLD system.
  • For rigid, flexible and rigid/flexible pipe configurations.
  • Intrinsically safe with explosion-proof options.
  • Dispenser handle isolation and turbopump interface pump control options.
  • Remotely access pipeline pressure, test, and alarm information.


TS5 Series Specifications

  • Number of pipes monitored: 8 (48*)
  • Dispenser handle input channel: 12 (72*)
  • STP (Submersible Turbine Pump) control relay output channels: 8 (50*)
  • Turbopump interface STP (Submersible Turbine Pump) control with FE Petro intelligent controller
  • Applicable fuel: gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel
  • Quantity (including add-on options)

Sensor specifications

  • Size: 6-1/4" × 2" American Standard Cone Pipe Thread (NPT).
  • Operating temperature: -40° to 149 °F (-40° to 66 °C).
  • Operating pressure: 0 to 100 psi (0 to 689 kPa).
  • Belden™ (*) cable: #9363-22 AWG, #9364-20 AWG or #9365-18 AWG.
  • Maximum sensor-to-console cable length: 500' (152.4 m).
  • Sensor port fittings: 2" American standard cone female thread (NPT).
  • Sensor material: anode aluminum body, stainless steel sensor.


  • Perform a 3.0 gph leak and pressure test every refueling cycle or 45 minutes. Actively shut down the relevant turbopump when the test fails.
  • 0.2 gph precision leak tests are performed monthly and 0.1 gph precision leak tests once a year during refueling thermal stabilization. Actively shut down the relevant turbopump (optional) if the test fails.
  • Perform pressurization, capture pressure, and other additional tests. Alerts only when a test fails.


  • TS-LSU500 UL, cUL, ATEX, IECEx
  • TS-LSU500E UL, cUL
  • Leak detection capability is verified by a third party


Order Information

Console minimum requirements

  • TS-550/5000, TS-550/5000 evo fuel management system
  • TS-ELLD software options
  • TS-ACI、TS-420IB 或 TS-420EXP、TS-RLY 模组
  • * TS-RLY module is not required when using turbopump interface (TPI) communication

Sensor kits

Intrinsically safe

For new installations that can use separate low-voltage lines. Use TS-420IB module.

Model illustrate
  TS-LS500/2 Two-wire sensor kit
  TS-LS500/3 3-wire sensor kit
  TS-LS500/4 4-wire sensor kit

Explosion proof

For retrofit equipment where only one high-voltage line can be used. Use TS-420EXP module.

Model illustrate
  TS-LS500E/2 Two-wire sensor kit, explosion-proof
  TS-LS500E/3 3-wire sensor kit, explosion-proof
  TS-LS500E/4 4-wire sensor kit, explosion-proof
  • Note: TS-RLY modules are not required for turbopump interface (TPI) communication; Requires an FFS Smart Controller.

Alternative fuel accessories

Model illustrate

E85 Leak generator needle valve kit required for installation



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