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Density float

The INCON Level meter density float can be used to continuously monitor the density of fuel stored in underground/above ground tanks.


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INCON 液位仪密度浮子

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INCON density float


Density measurement floats can be used to continuously monitor fuel density stored in underground/aboveground tanks. The same LL2 magnetostrictive probe with inventory management or leak detection capabilities now provides product density without the need for additional probes or sensors. This valuable option can be used to verify the consistency of the supplied fuel and alert the user to avoid loading potentially dangerous goods into the wrong tank. Programmable high and low thresholds allow the user to determine the range of their expected density fluctuations.

In addition, the density measurement float supports the T5 series of probe management systems. This can be set to notify the user of density alerts in a variety of ways, including printing or sending email notifications, or alarming via an internal or external horn, and/or stopping the submersible pump.

The density measurement float assembly consists of a 3-inch product float and a 4-inch density float with an optional 4-inch water float.

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  • For underground and above-ground tank applications, a 4" support riser is used
  • Density floats are constructed of nitroohyl and nickel plated.
  • The measurement accuracy is: ±1.0 kg/m³.
  • The measurement accuracy is: ±0.1 kg/m³.
  • With a water float, the minimum measurable product level is 10.70".
  • With no water float, the minimum measurable product level is 6.70"
  • Density measurement can be used in TS-5 Series level instrument control systems
  • Requires TSP-LL2-XXX or XXX-I magnetostrictive probe serial number 600000 or greater


Model description Density range
 TSP-IDF4D Diesel/fuel oil density float assembly   790-900 kg/m³
 TSP-IGF4D Gasoline density float assembly   690-800 kg/m³


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