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DHIB gun lift signal isolator

STP-DHIB tanker gun lift signal isolator Isolate fuel control circuit to prevent power feedback to meet most electrical code requirements.


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STP-DHIB Tanker Gun Signal Isolator

Isolate refueling control circuitry to prevent power feedback to meet most electrical code requirements.

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  • Up to 8 optically isolated inputs connect to refueling control signals

  • LED indication when power on and refueling control signals appear

  • When ordered with an FE Petro intelligent controller or a standard control box, the connection between them can be made by the factory

  • Works with any submersible pump controller

  • The fuse protects the output to the submersible pump controller

  • Any existing petrol station can be retrofitted


  • Prevent damage to the refueling signal repeater board due to power line phase conflicts

  • Prevents power feedback between refueling control signal circuits during maintenance and service, meeting the requirements of NEC 514-6 1999 and other international regulations

  • Since the signal is isolated, it helps to troubleshoot the refueling control circuit

  • The incorrect operation of the submersible pump due to voltage leakage caused by the parallel connection of multiple refueling signals is avoided

  • Small size

  • Low cost



  • 外壳尺寸: 8.5"h x 5"w x 3"d (215mm x 127mm x 76mm)

  • 8 optical isolation inputs for refueling control signals

  • STP-DHIB requires a maximum of 8 filler guns per oil product

  • STP-DHIB: One 220V 15VA power input; 8 x 220V 10mA refueling control signal inputs

  • Output Quick Safe: 250V 1A

  • 300 V surge protection

  • Maximum ambient temperature: 49°C

  • UL and cUL quality certifications

  • The Franklin Gas Station Systems plant is ISO 9001 certified



Repair parts/accessories




DHI Express Insurance (250 VAC, 1 A)


DHIB circuit board (for 220 V refueling control signal)



Product model



STP-DHIB (Tanker Control Signal Isolator for 220V Carry Gun Control, up to 8 channels each)


STP-DHIB-SCI (DHI ordered with the original factory-connected STP-SCI)


STP-DHIB-CBBS (Fuel Dispenser Control Signal Isolator DHI is ordered with the original STP-CBBS



1. DHIB is suitable for all submersible pump controllers manufactured by FE Petro or other brands, accepting 220V refueling control signals

2. When the number of oil refueling guns is greater than 8, multiple DHIBs can be used to realize the isolated input of the refueling control signal

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