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SCIII Intelligent controller-6 "constant speed pump

  STP-SCIIIC 6-inch submersible oil pump three-phase intelligent controller   Intended to replace starters in new and existing three-phase motors. STP-SCIII controllers offer valuable pump protection and performance features at an affordable price.


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STP-SCIIIC 6 inch submersible pump three-phase intelligent controller


The aim is to replace starters in new and existing three-phase motors. The STP-SCIII controller provides valuable pump protection and performance features at an affordable price


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  • Easy Retrofit - STP-SCIII Suitable for Most Existing 3 hp~5 HP 3 Phase Submersible Pump
    Benefits: Retrofitting an existing station is easier, as long as the existing control box is replaced with STP-SCIII. No additional lines are required

  • Continuous Diagnostics - STP-SCIII continuously monitors submersible pump control for anomalies, including factors such as reduced motor life or downtime. When any of these situations occur, STP-SCIII will alert the service technician to the cause of the problem:

    • The motor runs dry

    • The extension runs

    • The voltage is too high

    • The voltage is too low

    • Relay failure

    • Voltage/current imbalance

    • The rotor is stuck

    • The power supply is out of phase

    • The power supply is open

    Benefits: Extended motor life and reduced downtime to reduce operating costs.

  • Submersible Automatic Start - Provides an "on demand" automatic submersible pump start function, which can activate up to 8 submersible pumps connected to the same pipeline. The main pump starts to meet the initial demand, and other slave pumps are started as the demand increases.
    Benefits: Reduce power consumption, start the corresponding number of submersible pumps according to the requirements of the refueling volume, so as to achieve a longer submersible pump service life. By automatically starting the submersible pump to meet the need to increase flow during busy hours.


  • 外壳尺寸: 9.1"H x 7.7"W x 5.5"D (230mm x 196mm x 140mm)

  • Suitable for three-phase FE Petro 3 hp and 5 hp submersible pumps, or similar products of other brands

  • Rated power: 5 hp

  • When the pump is running, the relay coil current consumption:

    • STP-SCIIIC (208/230V) - 80mA

  • Control signal voltage of relay coil:

    • STP-SCIIIC   (208V - 230V)

  • When the pump starts "ON", the green light flashes

  • When the power "ON" is on, the green light is solid

  • A flashing red light indicates that a fault has occurred, and the number of flashes indicates a specific fault

  • When the operation fails, there is an audible alarm

  • Built-in surge voltage protection

  • A flashing yellow light indicates that RS 485 is communicating

  • RS 485 communication interface



Product model description
5800103300 STP-SCIIIC, three-phase intelligent controller

SCIII repair parts

serial number Model description
1 223878101 Three-phase relay
2 223905901 Logic board assembly
3 223910901 208-230 V power board assembly


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