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STP3C/5C 6" High-flow Submersible Oil Pump

When high flow or high speed distribution of gasoline or diesel is required, FE Petro provides 3 or 5 HP high flow pump with efficient, reliable and low noise performance.


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STP High-flow Submersible Oil Pump

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STP3C/5C - 6 inch high flow submersible pump

When high flow or high-speed distribution of petrol or diesel is required, FE Petro offers a 3 or 5 hp high flow pump with efficient, reliable and low-noise operation.

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High Performance - FE Petro's 2-stage centrifugal pump design coupled with reliable Franklin motors provides higher heads, faster fuel distribution and lower cost operation. The motors are three-phase operation when the fault is low, and can work at a variety of different voltages. The pump comes standard with a 6" support riser to install the pump into the tank.

Easy maintenance - FE Petro all products are designed with maintenance services in mind, allowing operators to resume operations as quickly as possible during equipment maintenance. The repair of the submersible pump motor assembly can be carried out without an on-site electrician, as no wires are broken. When the extraction part of the pump is moved, large wire diameter pins and sockets provide automatic opening and disconnection of the line. The cam lock without any difficulty has been opened. Easy removal of bolts allows the pump motor to be extracted. Maintain proper clearance to pull out the motor without breaking the submersible pump drain pipe. The pump motor assembly is easily removed from the discharge head by removing the 4 bolts using the standard push bolt head. Replacement submersible motor assemblies can be used with existing Tolken and Red Jacket submersible pumps of the same size.

Reliability - Quality engineering and simple hand-to-hand design work ensure that each high-capacity pump will operate reliably for many years. Continuous-working, three-phase Franklin motors with carbon bearings and stainless steel housing became the industry standard. Molded acetal impellers and hard aluminum-coated diffusers and stainless steel pump shafts ensure unobstructed motor operation when refueling. Dual (180° opposite) 3" transverse drains make installation easy, and two built-in line check valves reduce installation costs. Two line pressure relief valves protect the dispenser, meter and oil line from abnormal pressure under thermal expansion. The pump inlet filter prevents large particles of impurities from entering and the FE Petro high capacity submersible pump is suitable for existing high volume leak detection technology. The new high-capacity submersible pump makes it easy to connect wires in the field without having to disassemble the submersible assembly.

Satisfaction - Every FE Petro submersible pump is rigorously tested and inspected before leaving the factory. Each high capacity pump is performance tested for your tank and buried characteristics and complete assembly to ensure your needs are met. All high capacity pumps are UL listed and meet UL 79 listed requirements.

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Power requirements

High-flow submersible pumps require the use of three-phase alternating current

High flow submersible pump models are available in 208-230 VAC, 460VAC, or 575 VAC by voltage

High flow submersible pump models are divided into 3 hp and 5 hp according to power

The STP-SCIIIC three-phase intelligent controller and STP-CBB3C/5C three-phase control box can be used for power control of high flow submersible pumps

Pump motor

Fixed speed, 2875 rpm, multistage centrifugal pump motor with built-in automatic overheating overload protection

The high flow submersible pump 50Hz model is only available in a 2-stage version

Liquid adaptability

Upper liquid viscosity: 70 SSU @ 15°C (60°F)

Standard STP (Non-Ethanol Gasoline) models are listed by UL and cUL as suitable blends and contain up to 10% ethanol or methanol, and 20% methyl tert-butyl ether, 20% ethyl tert-butyl ether, or 17% methyl tert-butyl ether gasoline

STPAG (Ethanol Gasoline) models are listed by UL and cUL as suitable blends and contain up to 85% ethanol or methanol, and 20% methyl tert-butyl ether, 20% ethyl tert-butyl ether, or 17% methyl tert-butyl ether gasoline

HCP High Flow Submersible Pump models can also be used for diesel, fuel, kerosene, jet gasoline, and non-gel-cast jet fuel.

All wet elastomeric rubber is made from a high-grade fluorocarbon.

Standard features

Pressure relief valve: Box design with two pressure relief settings, external check valve. Standard models are pressure-relief at 40 psi and reset above 35 psi

Siphon function: External venturi siphon device as submersible pump accessory.

Air Exclusion: Each submersible pump contains a tank return pipe for active air exclusion

Power cut-off device: An electronic cut-off device that needs to be actively disconnected when refueling (emergency maintenance).


HCP High Flow Submersible Pump models are UL and cUL certified

The Franklin Gas Station Systems plant is ISO 9001 certified

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