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TS-SCCM double clearance vacuum negative pressure monitoring system

TS-SCCM double clearance vacuum negative pressure monitoring system


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TS-SCCM double-layer gap vacuum negative pressure monitoring system



  • TS-SCCM (Secondary Containment Control Module) can be applied to TS-550 and TS-5000 series level instrument consoles
  • each The TS-SCCM controller is connected to a submersible pump siphon to monitor the 1 or 2-way clearance interlayer space
  • The TS-SCCM is connected to the probe console, providing continuous vacuum and space for monitoring the mezzanine
  • If the interlayer space vacuum attenuation curve leakage rate exceeds the "learned" attenuation curve, the level meter console issues an alarm and optionally turns off the submersible pump


Which vessel sandwich type can be used for SCCM negative pressure monitoring?

  • Double-layer pipeline mezzanine
  • Double-layer oil and gas recovery line sandwich
  • Double manhole well vessel mezzanine
  • Steel and FRP double tank sandwich

Note: The tank sandwich riser must be located in the same manhole operation well as the submersible pump.


TS-SCCM system components:

  • The TS-550 or TS-5000 level meter console is equipped with SCM software and the necessary modules
  • TS-SCCM equipment
  • TS-SCMCAL leak learning kit
  • Suitable installation tools and accessories

Note: Domestic need to choose VS-SCCM model, solenoid valve power supply is 220VAC


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