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Spray Drying Tower Cleaning Equipment

By listening to customers in the industry, Wanbok has developed customer-led solutions for implementing cleaning applications for various drying towers. In response to the new cleaning technology, the innovative products and methods for the cleaning of drying tower in dairy industry, bio-pharmaceutical drying tower and chemical drying tower were developed.


Industrial Tank Cleaning Solutions

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Spray Drying Tower Cleaning

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Cleaning equipment suitable for industrial drying towers

For nearly a decade, Wambok has listened to its customers in the industry and developed customer-led solutions for cleaning dryer applications in their industries. Using three-dimensional can washing technology, actively responding to new cleaning technology, innovative products and methods for cleaning dairy drying towers, biopharmaceutical drying towers and chemical drying towers have been developed.

Quality is life. Incomplete cleaning of the drying tower in the production process can lead to cross-contamination and microbial growth, which will directly affect product quality. This degradation or potential damage to the quality of a business can cause irreparable damage to a company's reputation and directly affect economic benefits.

Our tank cleaning experts will provide you with the right solution for your cleaning application needs, including selecting the right 3D tank washer model and configuration, and determining the right operating conditions for it, so as to clean and thoroughly, save you time, water, chemical solvent use, and greatly reduce wastewater discharge.

Case study: Bosch Automotive Technical Service (China) Co., Ltd.'s automatic cleaning system for spray drying towers

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