In October 2018, the 18th National Industrial Cleaning Industry Summit Forum ended successfully in Zhengzhou


VTC-R series oil tank cleaning system developed by Vanpek Enterprises Beijing Inc. was identified as the first brand product of industrial cleaning industry.

In October 2018, the "18th National Cleaning Industry Technological Progress and Industrial Development Forum" jointly organized by ICAC National Cleaning Industry Information Center, National Chemical Cleaning Technology Research and Promotion Center, and Vocational Skill Appraisal Station of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security was concluded in Zhengzhou, Henan. With the theme of "New Era, New Ideas, New Technologies and New Achievements", the leaders of the SASAC Industry Association and Chamber of Commerce Working Bureau, the Environmental Protection Foreign Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and other departments were invited to attend, representatives of more than 200 enterprises and institutions in the industrial cleaning industry and colleagues in the international cleaning industry from the Czech Republic, Germany, the United States, Italy, Sweden, Singapore and other countries, journalists from Xinhuanet, People's Daily, Securities Times, China Chemical Industry News, China Petrochemical News and other media. A total of more than 400 people gathered together to celebrate the grand event, talk about the future, and seek the road of cooperation and development of the industrial cleaning industry.

Leading guests give advice and brand achievements are released

The meeting was officially opened in the speech of Chairman Wang Jianjun of the association. Chairman Wang Jianjun introduced the preparations for this conference to the conference, introduced the technical highlights of this forum to the participants, combined with the work of the first batch of cleaning chemicals entrusted verification agencies and the first batch of industry brand products to be announced, and once again explained the importance of industry branding work and the future work plan of the association to the whole industry. Chairman Wang Jianjun pointed out: "Giving full play to the leading role of the brand and promoting the upgrading of the supply structure and demand structure is an inevitable requirement for the in-depth implementation of the concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, and is an important measure to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode from extension expansion to connotation intensification, from scale speed to quality and efficiency in the coming period." Brand is the common pursuit of producers and consumers. The so-called 'product' is quality, quality. 'Brand' is trademark, word of mouth. Improving quality is a key factor in brand building. "In the future, the industrial cleaning industry must adapt to the current external environment, do a good job in industrial cleaning services supporting new technologies, new industries, new formats, new models, and new market entities, and must strengthen brand quality awareness and continuously improve the environmental protection, safety and energy efficiency level of industrial cleaning technology and process equipment." "The branding of the industry has a long-term arduousness and complexity, which requires the joint efforts of the whole industry, especially to play the main role of enterprises." Enterprises should regard quality as life, always grasp unremittingly, adhere to high standards and high quality, in order to derive high quality, accumulate high-quality products, and truly form a brand. ”


At the opening ceremony of the forum, the ICAC released the industry's first batch of industrial cleaning chemical verification centers and the first batch of industrial cleaning industry brand products. Among them, 5 product verification centers built by Beijing Bluestar Cleaning Co., Ltd., Beijing Lewen Technology Development Co., Ltd., Huayang Xinxing Technology (Tianjin) Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Renhe Cleaning Co., Ltd. and Lanzhou Lanxing Cleaning Co., Ltd. have become the first batch of cleaning chemical verification centers in the industry. VTC-R series tank cleaning system developed by Vanpek Enterprises Beijing Inc., solvent cleaning agent such as antic series developed by Huayang Xinxing Technology (Tianjin) Group Co., Ltd., water-based cleaning agent such as clean silk series, antirust inhibitor of Antete series, LX2000-007 three-in-one room temperature cleaning agent developed by Beijing Lanxing Cleaning Co., Ltd., LX1-005C metal oil cleaning agent developed by Lanzhou Lanxing Cleaning Co., Ltd., Lan-826 multi-purpose pickling corrosion inhibitor, LX1-002 benzene-free paint remover, JC3201 high-pressure plunger pump developed by Tianjin Jingcheng High Pressure Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd., SGR-0405 multi-functional pickling corrosion inhibitor developed by Xingrui (Shandong) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., QXXT-00 large air-cooled radiator automatic cleaning device developed by Shenyang Instrument Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. and other 11 products were successfully identified as the first batch of industrial cleaning industry brand products.


The first batch of industry brand product certificates were issued


"This is the best echo of the current national brand strategy, marking the branding of China's industrial cleaning industry." Officially blossoms and bears fruit. Zhao Zhike, vice president and secretary general of the China Industrial Cleaning Association, said that the association intends to accelerate the cultivation of China's own industrial cleaning brand products through the identification of brand products in the industrial cleaning industry, strongly support brand product manufacturers, publicize, promote, enhance the popularity of brand products and brand enterprises, cultivate brand awareness in the industry, and then lead the transformation and upgrading of the structure of the industrial cleaning industry and promote the sustainable, healthy and stable development of the industrial cleaning industry.