In January 2019, a training course on Mechanical Cleaning Technology for Crude Oil Storage Tanks was held in Beijing


Industrial Cleaning Association of China "Storage Tank Mechanical Cleaning Vocational Skills Certificate" training class will be held in Beijing on January 14, 2019.

Industrial cleaning industry units and individuals:

The rapid development of modern large industry, the demand and consumption of liquid raw materials and finished products is increasing year by year, especially the output and storage and transportation of liquid raw materials and products in the petroleum and chemical industry has grown rapidly in recent years, as the carrier of storage and transportation - the construction, installation and maintenance of storage tanks and cleaning volume also grows, according to the relevant specifications, storage tanks need to be maintained and cleaned after 3-6 years, and they also need to be cleaned when storing different media, and crude oil storage tanks also need to be cleaned when the bottom is deposited to a certain limit. The cleaning of oil and chemical storage tanks in service is a complex and dangerous operation, and there are the following hazard risks in illegal operation: suffocation, poisoning, combustion and explosion, causing personal injury and even loss of life, it is necessary to develop a strict technical and safety program, and the personnel involved in cleaning operations and management personnel undergo strict training, especially the training of safety operation knowledge and skills, only strict implementation of relevant specifications, scientific and reasonable arrangement of each process operation elements, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents, And effectively improve the construction quality, economic benefits and social benefits. Data from the National Cleaning Industry Information Center shows that at present, there are safety accidents in the field of tank cleaning in China every year, causing casualties and property losses, bringing irreparable losses to individuals, families, enterprises and society. At the same time, according to Article 25, Article 26 and Article 27 of the Work Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, "employees who have not passed the safety production education and training shall not be allowed to work". In line with the concept of serving the industry, the spirit of being responsible for enterprises and practitioners, improve the on-site operation and management level of enterprises and the professional skill quality of employees, prevent production accidents and safety accidents, meet the needs of tank mechanical cleaning practitioners to continuously improve their professional skill quality, so that the majority of practitioners more systematic and complete to master the cleaning skills, better for tank users to provide quality services, China Industrial Cleaning Association "Tank Mechanical Cleaning Professional Skill Certificate" The training will start in Beijing on January 14, 2019. The specific arrangements are as follows:

1. Training objects: cleaning engineering companies, professional tank cleaning companies, tank cleaning machinery sales and after-sales service companies, and practitioners of related storage and transportation enterprises.

2. Application requirements: high school education level or above, good conduct, good health.

3. Training method: The training is carried out in the form of centralized teaching, zero-distance face-to-face Q&A by experts, etc.

4. Evidence collection: After passing the assessment, the "Tank Mechanical Cleaning Vocational Skill Certificate" issued by the China Industrial Cleaning Association can be obtained.

Significance: After collecting evidence, it is of great significance in applying for enterprise qualifications, improving the company's technical level, participating in market competition, project bidding, and contracting domestic and foreign projects. Obtained the "Tank Mechanical Cleaning Vocational Skill Certificate". It can also be used as a certificate for employment, appointment, grading and promotion of employees, which is common throughout the country.

5. The specific matters of training are arranged as follows:

A. Training content

Introduction to common oil storage tanks

Outer floating roof tank, inner floating roof tank, vault tank, horizontal buried storage tank

Introduction of clearance device

Vacuum suction and related equipment, boost and related equipment, heating and related equipment, heat exchange and related equipment, jet and related equipment, oil-water separation and related equipment, oil, water, sludge separation and related equipment, inert gas generation and related equipment, gas monitoring and related equipment, several mainstream mechanical clearance equipment introduction

Equipment, investment, market introduction of mechanical clearance

Large tank clearing machinery: vertical cylindrical steel oil tank above 10000m3, medium tank clearing machinery: 10000m3 to 2000m3 vertical cylindrical steel oil tank

Small tank clearing machinery: vertical cylindrical steel oil tank below 1000m3, horizontal buried tank clearing machinery

Construction, risk point source and control of mechanical clearance

Floating top tank clearing, inner floating roof tank clearing, vaulted tank clearing, horizontal buried oil tank cleaning

Mechanical clearance process

Floating top tank clearing process, inner floating roof tank clearing process, vault tank clearing process, gas station underground horizontal tank cleaning process, train tank cleaning process, oil tanker cleaning process

Construction case exchange

B. Lecturer: Senior experts with theoretical knowledge and rich construction experience will give lectures.

C. Training and examination time: Registration time: January 14; Training time: January 15-17; Exam time: January 18th.

D. Training location: Odin Hotel, No. 32, Yumin Street, Area B, Airport Industrial Park, Shunyi District, Beijing (next door to Wumart Supermarket)

E. Charging standard: member unit: 2500 yuan / person, director and above units: 2200 yuan / person (all include training fee, material fee, assessment and evaluation fee).

Certification fees are waived

Application deadline: January 7, 2019

Account name: China Industrial Cleaning Association

Bank: China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. Beijing North Third Ring Sub-branch

Account number: 1109 0837 2610 601

Remarks: Please indicate "special ticket" or "general ticket" for enterprise account payment, and personal account payment needs to remark the invoice title and "special ticket" or "general ticket".

VI. Contact Information: