In February 2019, Vanpek was awarded the 2018 Special Contribution Award for China by Franklin Fueling Systems.


Vanpek Enterprises Beijing Inc. was awarded the "2018 Special Contribution Award in China" by Franklin Fueling Systems.

From February 27 ~ March 3, 2019, the annual meeting of Franklin Fueling Systems agents in China was held in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands in the North Pacific Ocean. Excellent agents from all provinces and cities in China gathered here with Franklin headquarters in the United States and colleagues in the Asia-Pacific region. Everyone reminisces about the past, talks about the future, gathers together and shares time.

Vanpek became a first-class agent of Franklin Fueling Systems in 2007, and has cooperated with Sinopec, PetroChina, Shell China, Dongming Yinglun, Sinochem Total and other social gas stations for more than 10 years, especially with Shell China's joint ventures to establish close friendly cooperative relations.

At the annual meeting of agents in China, Wanbok Environmental Protection Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. won the "2018 China Special Contribution Award" from Franklin Oil Systems!