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Refueling machine two-way cut-off valve

In case of fire or tanker impact, EBW closure valve will immediately shut down the oil line. The top cover can be fully shear upon impact, allowing the lift valve to seal the body and stop oil leakage.


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EBW dispenser two-way shut-off valve



When a fire occurs or the tanker is hit, the EBW shut-off valve will immediately close the oil circuit. The top cover can be completely sheared on impact, allowing the poppet valve to seal the valve body and prevent oil leakage. In the event of a fire, the fusing link releases the pivot arm and activates the poppet. The standard 1.5" opening allows for small flow restrictions and provides pre-drilled test plugs for line pressure testing. The valve can be sleeved or U-bolt mounted. The top cover is easily replaceable and slides back and forth on the valve seat without raising the dispenser. The top cover is available with male, female or combined connections.


Single poppet models close the oil circuit from the pump. The double poppet model closes the oil path from the pump and dispenser lines.


Note: At least once a year, the closing function of the automatic shut-off valve must be checked by manually shut-off and maintaining the passage.



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  • Single poppet and double poppet versions.
  • The main poppet valve seal in the valve body prevents accidents when replacing fittings.
  • Compatible with AGB (alcohol/natural gas, biodiesel, E-85).
  • The robust 3/8" test plug area prevents cracks in the valve body if the plug is overtightened.
  • Fully tested at 5kg/cm2.
  • In the event of a fire (165 ºF/74 ºC), the fusing link closes the poppet.



  • Top cover: E-coated cast iron
  • Body Body: E-coated cast iron
  • Poppet valve: fluorocarbon
  • Rod: stainless steel
  • Poppet spring: stainless steel
  • O-ring: fluorocarbon
  • Internal and External Threads: 1.5"



NFPA warning

  • The automatic shut-off function must be tested annually. Before servicing a flow meter, dispenser, or emergency shut-off valve, the submersible pump must be disconnected. Do not apply more than 3.4kg/cm2 pressure to the valve while the poppet is still closed, as this may damage the seat and disc.





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