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VP1200 distributed vacuum pump

VP1200 distributed vacuum pump - installed in the self-priming pump tanker, except powered by the self-priming pump motor, other similar to the VP1000. A pump is available for use on both sides. No need to dig, simple installation, can reduce the downtime and workload to a lower; Especially suitable for refitting new or existing tanker, can be easily installed on the bracket or connected to the frame of the equipment. High vacuum can ensure the removal of condensate in the oil and gas hose.



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VP1200 Decentralised Vacuum Pump - Installed in a self-priming pump dispenser


Except that it is powered by a self-priming pump motor, it is similar to the VP1000. One pump can be used on both sides. No digging, simple installation, resulting in minimal downtime and effort; Ideal for retrofitting new or existing dispensers, it can be easily mounted on a stand or attached to the frame of the equipment. The high vacuum ensures the removal of condensate from the oil and gas hoses.

Small size:5-1/4"*5"*4-3/8"

Compatible with new and existing tankers




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