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TSP-LL2 probe stick

The INCON TSP-LL2 Leak detector and Inventory Control level detector is an advanced measuring device that uses magnetostrictive position measurement technology to accurately report the amount of oil in storage tanks.


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INCON LL2 series level probes offer excellent linearity, accuracy and stability for use in underground and aboveground tanks. There are two probes available for INCON various consoles

  • The TSP-LL2 leak detector is used for underground tank and petroleum product measurements

  • The TSP-LL2-I probe can be used in above-ground tanks and is for stock measurements only

  • Many different lengths of probes are available for all general purpose tanks

  • The TSP-LL2-I probe can be used for chemicals or waste oil products in above-ground tanks (all soaked parts of the probe are made of No. 316 stainless steel)

  • Very easy to install on 4" or 3" or 2" risers


How it works

  • When measuring the liquid level, an electromagnetic field is generated in the probe head, which surrounds the long waveguide in the probe shaft;

  • This electromagnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of the float, creating a shock wave of known speed within the waveguide;

  • When the probe head detects this shock wave, the probe generates a signal that corresponds precisely to a certain level value

  • The product expansion calculation is done by temperature sensors located at various points in the probe shaft.





The TSP-LL2 probe consists of a main rod and one or two magnetic floats, which slide freely on the main rod. The probe adopts advanced magnetostrictive technology to record the liquid level level through the position of the float to realize the measurement function.

  • The probe can record the position of one or two magnetic floats
  • The TSP-LL2 probe provides precise leak detection and inventory monitoring
  • The 4-inch support riser uses a TSP-K4A or TSP-K4AS mounting kit


TSP-LL2 Leak Detector:

  • The position of one, two, or three (density) floats can be reported
  • Accurate leak detection, density measurement, inventory control and correction


TSP-LL2-1 Inventory Control Probe:


  • The position of one or two floats can be reported
  • Precise inventory control and correction


Install the components:

  • Install all TSP LL2 leak detectors using the appropriate FFS hanging mounting kits
  • Install all TSP-LL2-I stock control probes using a suitable bottom-mounted FFS mounting kit or a suitable adapter cover with compression seal cover
  • The TSP-LL2-I probes include special hardware that allows them to stand on the bottom of the tank



  • Easy to use and install
  • Level levels are reported using advanced magnetostrictive position measurement technology
  • High stability performance
  • When used with the INCON Tank Sentinel ® console, it has unmatched accurate performance
  • The spiral-tightened electrical signal connection plug is easy to install and remove
  • Intrinsically safe circuit design for hazardous locations


nonlinear ± 0.025% full scale
Repeatability ± 0.0025 cm (± 0.001 inch)
Temperature sensor Five thermistors are mounted inside the probe main rod
Temperature resolution   ± 0.01°C ( ± 0.02°F )
Operating temperature   - 40°C ~ 60°C ( - 40°F ~ 140°F)
Storage temperature   - 40°C ~ 70°C ( - 40°F ~ 158°F)
Security level Intrinsically Safe Class 1, Div. 1, Group D
Probe end cable Double conductor shielded cable, polyurethane skin


Leak detection type - product model Name description Stock type - product model
 TSP-LL2-29 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 0.6 m  TSP-LL2-29-I
 TSP-LL2-41 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 0.9 m  TSP-LL2-41-I
 TSP-LL2-53 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 1.2 m  TSP-LL2-53-I
 TSP-LL2-65 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 1.5 m  TSP-LL2-65-I
 TSP-LL2-69 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 1.6 m  TSP-LL2-69-I
 TSP-LL2-77 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 1.8 m  TSP-LL2-77-I
 TSP-LL2-81 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 1.9 m  TSP-LL2-81-I
 TSP-LL2-89 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 2.1 m  TSP-LL2-89-I
 TSP-LL2-101 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 2.4 m  TSP-LL2-101-I
 TSP-LL2-113 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 2.7 m  TSP-LL2-113-I
 TSP-LL2-125 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 3.0 m  TSP-LL2-125-I
 TSP-LL2-131 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 3.2 m  TSP-LL2-131-I
 TSP-LL2-137 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 3.4 m  TSP-LL2-137-I
 TSP-LL2-149 Suitable for tanks with a diameter of 3.7 m  TSP-LL2-149-I


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