Guangxi Beihai pulp tower cleaning case

GAMAJET tank cleaning devices provided by Vanpek won the bidding of large pulp tank/tower cleaners in Stora Enso Guangxi Beihai Forest Pulp and Paper Integration project.


Ethanol fermenters cleaning case

Vanpek provide Gamajet tank cleaning devices for CIP automatic cleaning system of Heilongjiang Shenglong Ethanol Co., Ltd.


Yanshan crude oil tank cleaning service

By using the self-developed VTC-3000R crude oil tank cleaning system and other products assessed as brand products by China Industrial Cleaning Association, Vanpek has completed the mechanical cleaning service project of crude oil tank and gap-pit 9903# and 9905# in Niukouyu Tank Area, Storage and Transportation Department of Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Branch.


Bosch spray drying tower cleaning case

According to the automatic cleaning requirements of spray drying tower of Bosch Automotive Technical Service (China) Co., LTD., Vanpek has met the needs of customers through site investigation, scheme design, equipment installation and system debugging, and the operation results are good.


Sinopec Yunnan UST tank cleaning service

In March 2019, Vanpek won the bid for the horizontal tank cleaning project of gas station in Yunnan Branch of Sinopec.


Ordos coal chemical sewage tank cleaning

Sewage tank mechanical cleaning service project for the water department of Chemical Branch of Ordos Zhongtian Hechuang Energy Co., Ltd.

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